Friday, January 9, 2015

Get Festive: Events in Thailand, 2015

Another year, another excuse to travel to Thailand! I'm looking forward to spending more time in my favourite destination in 2015, with my first trip coming up at the end of this month - bring it on!

Of course, it doesn't take much for Thais to slip into party mode - they'll celebrate everything from the full moon, to no moon, to the dawning of the day. But if you want to tailor your travels around a major event, here's a rundown of what's on in Thailand in the coming months:

Feb 6-8: Chiang Mai Flower Festival
February is a gorgeous time of year in Chiang Mai, with glorious weather and a riot of floral colour, celebrated annually in Thailand's biggest flower show. The festival includes a parade with floats made of flowers, beauty contests (of course!) and activities at the Ratchaphruek Flower Gardens.

Pic: Julie Miller

Mar 13: National Elephant Day
This is a day when the focus is on Thailand's beloved pachyderms, with feasts and parades to celebrate the contribution they have made to Thailand's history and culture. Elephant parks and sanctuaries around the country hold Buddhist rituals where the elephants are bathed and blessed, followed by a fruity feast which the elephants devour with relish.

Pic: Julie Miller

April 13-15: Songkran
The most famous Thai festival is one big water fight, celebrating Thai New Year and the coming of the wet season. Expect a lot of noise, fireworks and of course, water - there's no way you won't get wet!

May 8-10: Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival, Yasothon
This ancient local festival in Isaan is dedicated to the god of rain, who is appeased by colourful fireworks sent up to the heavens in his honour. Any excuse to make noise, really!

June 7: Phuket International Marathon
Why anyone would want to run in the steamy heat of June amazes me, but every year, around 4000 runners compete in the 42km marathon, 21km half-marathon or 10k fun run at Laguna complex on Bang Bao Bay. It's actually a great community event and fund raiser for the Developing Sustainable Schools program.

Pic: Julie Miller

June 26-28: Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival, Dan Sai province
One of Thailand's most bizarre festivals, this celebration of demons and ghosts is held in the north-eastern region of Loei near the Laos border. Before the parade, men smother themselves in mud along the riverbank then don scary masks.

Oct 12-21: Phuket Vegetarian Festival
During the nine-day event, participants stick to a strict vegetarian diet which is believed to spiritually cleanse the soul of devotees. The festival is said to bring good luck to participants and the wider community.

Oct 26-27: Naga Fireball Festival, Nong Khai
Once a year, a restless underwater serpent that lives in the Mekong River throws up mysterious fireballs to the amazement of onlookers gathered on the river banks.

Nov 24-26: Loi Krathong
The most beautiful of all festivals, this celebration of light is celebrated throughout Thailand, but is most spectacular in Chiang Mai where it coincides with Yee Peng, marked by release of thousands of khom loi lanterns into the night sky.

Pic: Julie Miller


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